Plastic Injection Molding

With the plastics division we are able to further expand the production capabilities that we offer our customers. The management of our plastics division has over forty years of combined experience. With this experience, we are able to build and test molds in house. This allows us to greatly decrease the time needed to obtain production levels.

If your requirements include having a mold designed and built, contact us. If you already have a mold and need a quality source to meet your production requirements, let us provide you with a quote.

Machine Capabilites:

(3) Nissei Micro 7 – 7 Ton Capacity

(1) Toyo Si-55II Electric Р55 Ton Capacity

(1) Toyo Si-110 Electric Р110 Ton Capacity

(1) Toyo TM-150H – 150 Ton Capacity

Process Equipment:

Material Dryer and Grinders

Mold Chiller and Thermolators

Heat Controllers

Sprue Pickers

DME Welder

Controlled Environment